Buy oak wood pellets

Type of wood: 100% Oak
Norm: A1
Diameter: 6 ± 1mm
Ash content: 0.5% – 0,7%
Caloric value: 4,9 – 5,3kWh/kg
Humidity: < 10%
Length : 3,15 – 40mm
Available packages: 15 kg | 1000 kg
1 Pallet:66 x15kg Bags
1 Truck:24 Tons


Buy oak wood pellets. An oak is a hardwood tree derived from the family of beech. One main advantage of Oak provides consistent, clean-burning BTUs for optimum cooker performance. Therefore, we provide 100% Oak Premium Hardwood Pellets that have been carefully selected for their superior quality and are ideal for BBQ and outdoor cooks.
Agroserwis Group is a distributor of premium-quality Oakwood pellets wholesale. Our high-quality oak wood pellets are just perfect for any outside pellet-fired outdoor cooker. As a result, choose the best quality wood pellets for your burnings, our oak wood pellets provide a unique burning experience. Our premium wood pellets contain less than 0.5 percent organic ash content and do not contain bark. Buy oak wood pellets at wholesale price.

Oak wood pellets specification

Density: 700 -900(Kg/m³)
Energy Yield (MJ/Kg): 21 – 24
Combustion Characteristics: Long-lasting combustion, stable flame, high calorific value
Diameter:  Standard size 8mm and 6mm
Length: ≤ 32mm
Calory (J): 4000
Moisture (%): 400
Ash Content (%): 0.33-1.0%
Product Name: Biomass Pellets Fuel
Material: 100% Oak wood
High-quality oak wood pellets for sale at wholesale price. The standard diameter size of our pellets is usually 6mm and 8 mm but for some clients. However,  It’s possible to produce pellets of diameters 4mm and 10 mm on demand. As a result, The diameter of best-rated wood pellets can be customized according to customer requirements. Oak wood pellets distributor.
Our packaging varies depending on our client’s requirements, you can find below the standard packaging that we offer. For delivery within Europe, it’s preferable to ship by truck, it’s easier and faster as we only take 10 days to prepare and deliver the goods. Wholesale oak wood pellets.
Pallets per truck Bags per pallet Weight per bag Weight on pallet
24 pallets 70 bags  15 kg 1050 kg


Certification of wood pellets

International standards and certification systems for wood pellets help consumers, suppliers, and manufacturers to recognize what the premium quality wood pellets are, and how wood pellets are made based on wood pellet quality standards. Next, there are international standards for premium quality pellets and related certification processes described.



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