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AGROSERWIS GROUP is a certified A1 Polish Manufacturer and distributor of high-quality wooden pellets from Olsztyn Poland. We supply wood pellets derived from various types of wood such as beech, pine, and fir. Our deliveries are fast and efficient, covering 27 European countries. Since 2010 we have been certified as one of the most trusted suppliers of wood pellets across Europe, we’ve got all certifications including the ENplus A1 and DINplus for the exportation of wood pellets, we only provide top-quality wood pellets to our clients. We are a trusted and long-term pellet supplier for our biggest customers in Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Denmark, and Italy. All Power Wood products are made and packed in Olsztyn Poland. Our wood pellets are ideal to head homes, we provide the best quality wood pellets for sale, and we have been awarded many times top sales of wood pellets across Europe.

AGROSERWIS GROUP is a leading company in the wholesale supply of biomass, specifically wood pellets for heat, energy, and animal bedding. We supply our pellets promptly to Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Denmark, and Italy using the fastest method of transportation which is by truck, we ship 24 metric tons of wood pellets on a truck and the duration is about 5 days.
Our primary products are:
– Beechwood pellets
– Pine wood pellets
– Fir wood pellets
– Coniferous wood pellets
– spruce wood pellets

Today we have encountered staff covering Operations, Client support, and Deals, we anticipate helping you in the future with your biomass prerequisites order today and get some experience with us

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